Alternative Recycling Methods

All Florence County Solid Waste Manned Convenience sites offer standard recycling for products such as:

  • used oil and filters
  • metal
  • plastic
  • newspaper
  • tires and cardboard

However, there are a growing number of specialty items that are thrown away each day that are currently not accepted for recycling at the County Manned Convenience Sites. In order to aid its citizens, the County has researched alternative recycling methods. By using alternative recycling methods you not only help the environment but you can assist a non-profit, help a senior citizen and/or make use of a local commercial program.

Taking the “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” approach, you may want to contact a local non-profit organization to donate usable items such as clothing, furniture and computers. Habitat for Humanity generally accepts old paint and leftover building materials to aid in the mission of their organization. Local nursing homes often encourage donation of magazines, books and craft items. A few local programs that accept old cell phones are Pee Dee Coalition, Verizon Wireless, Target, Sears, Schofield Hardware, GFF Group and Aldo. Rechargeable batteries can be recycled at many retail stores such as: Office Depot, Ace Hardware, Florence Battery World, Wal*Mart and Verizon or donate to the Pee Dee Coalition for their victim’s right program. Angel Ministries accepts donation of old cars, boats, motorcycles or RV-Trailers.

Please call ahead to these organizations and/or non-profits to check on availability and need of the organization.

Recycling can pay also. A few vendors in the Pee Dee Region will give cash for items.

Florence County encourages you to help in our efforts to avoid product placement in a landfill by use of alternative recycling methods.

Note: Any vendors or agencies named in the above or used for citizen informational purposes only. The County does not endorse any particular entity. All parties that have programs may feel free to contact the Recycling Coordinator at 292-1603 to include information.

Beginning Monday, February 3, 2020, all manned sites are open from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Saturday. Holiday closures will be posted on the homepage.

Contact Information

Kathy Nephew, County Recycling Coordinator

Phone: (843) 292-1603 County Office
Fax: (843) 292-1607

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Telephone for site assistance after 5PM or Weekends
Waste Management: (843) 413-3013

180 N. Irby St., MSC-G
Florence, SC 29501

Attention City of Florence Residents

For curbside recycling bins or other solid waste/recycling
issues in the City please call the City of Florence Recycling Office at: 843-665-3236.

County Electronic Recycling Locations

  • Ebenezer Site, 359 S. Ebenezer Rd., Florence
  • Effingham Site, 6760 Friendfield Rd., Effingham
  • Lake City Site, 1228 E. Main St., Lake City
  • Johnsonville Site, 230 W. Egg Farm Rd., Johnsonville

Florence County does NOT pay for materials recycled!

Mattress recycling – Instead of sending to the landfill think about recycling your old mattress and/or box spring with local company Nine Lives Mattress Recycling at 837 N. Pamplico Hwy in Pamplico, call 843-916-9753. Normally a $5 charge per item; check for additional pricing for king size, etc. This action will save the county (and your family) in landfill disposal costs, plus boost recycling in Florence County.

Paint disposal – the County will accept old paint as long as the paint in the can has been completely absorbed using cat litter, shredded paper, etc.; then the can may be disposed of in the regular household trash. Suggest trying first to recycle by donating to Habitat for Humanity as a base coat for housing projects or check with local paint stores for recycling/takeback programs.