E-Scrap Recycling

Beginning July 1, 2011 Florence County will accept e-scrap for electronics recycling at the following:

Solid Waste Manned Sites
Ebenezer Site, 359 S. Ebenezer Road, Florence
Effingham Site, 6760 Friendfield Road, Effingham
Lake City Site, 1228 E. Main St., Lake City
Johnsonville Site, 230 W. Egg Farm Rd., Johnsonville

Please click on Information, then Recycling for a list of items that may be recycled through this program.

Note: these are the only manned sites that will accept electronics after July 1, 2011.

Used Oil Collection

In FY07, Florence County was fortunate to receive a grant from the SCDHEC Office of Solid Waste and Recycling. The grant allowed the County to continue its used oil filter collection program, to acquire a second Farmer’s Used Oil Collection Station and to construct the County’s first Gas/Oil Mixture Collection Station.

Citizens now have the first Gas/Oil Mixture Collection Station in Florence County. The new 275 gallon gas/oil tank situated on a concrete pad covered by a carport is located at 359 South Ebenezer Road in Florence.

The Farmer’s of Lower Florence County have a convenient and state of the art used oil collection station in the form of a new 600 gallon agri tank located at 273 N Church Street in Lake City.

Beginning Monday, February 3, 2020, all manned sites are open from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Saturday. Holiday closures will be posted on the homepage.

Contact Information

Kathy Nephew, County Recycling Coordinator

Phone: (843) 292-1603 County Office
Fax: (843) 292-1607

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Telephone for site assistance after 5PM or Weekends
Waste Management: (843) 413-3013

180 N. Irby St., MSC-G
Florence, SC 29501

Attention City of Florence Residents

For curbside recycling bins or other solid waste/recycling
issues in the City please call the City of Florence Recycling Office at: 843-665-3236.

County Electronic Recycling Locations

  • Ebenezer Site, 359 S. Ebenezer Rd., Florence
  • Effingham Site, 6760 Friendfield Rd., Effingham
  • Lake City Site, 1228 E. Main St., Lake City
  • Johnsonville Site, 230 W. Egg Farm Rd., Johnsonville

Florence County does NOT pay for materials recycled!

Mattress recycling – Instead of sending to the landfill think about recycling your old mattress and/or box spring with local company Nine Lives Mattress Recycling at 837 N. Pamplico Hwy in Pamplico, call 843-916-9753. Normally a $5 charge per item; check for additional pricing for king size, etc. This action will save the county (and your family) in landfill disposal costs, plus boost recycling in Florence County.

Paint disposal – the County will accept old paint as long as the paint in the can has been completely absorbed using cat litter, shredded paper, etc.; then the can may be disposed of in the regular household trash. Suggest trying first to recycle by donating to Habitat for Humanity as a base coat for housing projects or check with local paint stores for recycling/takeback programs.